The Most Important Thing You Can Do This Saturday, Why You Should Attend the SG Climate Rally

Seven of the organisers of the SG Climate Rally came down to share more about the event, climate activism and Singapore's actions thus far.

By Darryl Laiu

Seven of the organisers of SG Climate Rally came down to USP on 17 September to share more about the event, climate activism and Singapore’s actions thus far.


If you have not heard, the SG Climate Rally takes place this Saturday on 21st September, from 3pm to 6pm at Hong Lim Park. It provides a platform for individuals in Singapore who are concerned about the climate crisis to gather in solidarity, and to ask the Singapore government for tougher policies.

The event was organised with the Global Climate Strike in mind — a movement that is calling on millions across the planet to walk out of their work to disrupt business as usual on both 20th and 27th September.

Recognising however that not everyone is able to go on a strike, the organisers of the SG Climate Rally opted for a more inclusive and welcoming approach.

“We want this event to be as family friendly as possible,” said the organisers during the hour long session in USP’s Chatterbox.

The approximately three-hour programme features face-painting, postcard-writing sessions, and speeches from a variety of Singaporeans, ranging from an 11-year-old boy to an NUS professor.

Despite the casual approach it is taking, the event organisers believe that climate change has to be a political issue for the greatest change to be made. They call upon the Singapore government to do more in terms of both their rhetoric and polices.

In this year’s National Day Rally, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that climate change is “one of the gravest challenges facing mankind.” However, the organisers of the SG Climate Rally recognise that the actions taken by the government thus far are inadequate.

In response, they have prepared a “Call to Action” — a document that elaborates on and justifies the actions they are asking the Singapore government to take. For example, they ask the Singapore government to craft a national climate mitigation master plan that goes beyond individual action and holds the industries in Singapore more accountable.

The organisers hope that the rally will make Singaporeans more conscious about the gravity of the issue and the measures that need to be taken to mitigate the crisis.

One organiser said: “If you care about having a liveable future, this is one of the most important things you can do on a Saturday afternoon to show the Singapore government where you stand. These channels exist for a reason, and until the day that they are taken away, we can always use them to ask for change.”

The SG Climate Rally will be held at Hong Lim Park this Saturday, 21st September, from 3pm to 6pm. More details and documents can be found on their Facebook page ‘SG Climate Rally’ and their Instagram account @sgclimaterally.


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