[Suspended] Speak Up!

Introducing Speak Up! Send in your opinions on the given issue and win $5 Kinokuniya vouchers!

[The competition has been temporarily suspended]

Hi USP Community!

As summer gets into its stride and the USP community disperses to do whatever it is we do in summer, we at The Cinnamon Roll find the silence and lack of debate disconcerting. We thought we might change that.

Introducing Speak Up!

The Cinnamon Roll is inviting you to send in your opinions on a given issue every week for a total of 5 weeks, with $5 Kinokuniya vouchers given to all published pieces!

The issue this week is:

Jabing Kho should not have been executed. The death penalty is unnecessary and should be abolished in Singapore.

The details are as follows:

  1. All published submissions on The Cinnamon Roll will win a $5 Kinokuniya voucher. Only current USP students are eligible to win the vouchers. Alumni, staff and faculty may submit opinions nonetheless.
  2. Submissions must be sent in .doc format to usp.cinnamonroll@gmail.com, with the email title starting with [Speak Up!].
  3. All submissions must be made before the 7th day after the issue is announced. The current issue was announced on 23 May 2016, so the deadline for submissions on this issue is on 29 May 2016 2359 hours.
  4. All submissions should be approximately 300-500 words long, excluding footnotes.
  5. Footnotes are strictly – STRICTLY – only for any citations you may have. Arguments made in footnotes will be scoffed at, shared around the editorial team for ridiculing, and promptly deleted before publishing.
  6. All submissions MUST be your original work. Plagarised submissions will be stared at in horror, disinfected and gingerly placed in the bin along with the arguments made in footnotes.
  7. Please include your real name and matric number when you send us your opinion, just so we know you’re a USP student and not someone who trawls through Facebook groups trying to win Kinokuniya vouchers. If you want your opinion to be published anonymously, please indicate so, although we strongly encourage you to be brave and put your name to your thoughts.

Random and Legal Stuff

  1. Please don’t do silly things like attach a drawing of the Late Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Ms Margaret Thatcher doing unspeakable things. We will not publish them.
  2. Brevity is strongly encouraged.
  3. Comments made on USPLife or The Cinnamon Roll on a published opinion DO NOT count as published submissions (duh).
  4. Submissions that are not published DO NOT count as published submissions, by virtue of them not being published.
  5. The Cinnamon Roll reserves the right to edit your submission for any errors as its editors deem fit. The Cinnamon Roll also reserves the right to publish your submission (or not) on The Cinnamon Roll and subsequently share them on USPLife and The Cinnamon Roll Facebook pages.. In submitting your opinion, you are taken to have agreed to these two terms.

We look forward to your submissions!

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