Creative Showcase

Of Dresses and Searching for Purpose

In this last set of poetry submissions, we have two poems that we hope you will enjoy reading as much as we did!

The first poem is by Jessica Tan, who also contributed one of the winning entries of our poetry open call:

My Dresses Shouldn’t Smell Like You

Keep your distance, you say

While your rough palms hold mine


Perhaps the effervescence beneath

Threatens to tip the scales and

Shift this delicate equilibrium that

Perpetuates rationality and sanity


Try as I may to negotiate this enigma but

My line of defence is so volatile that a

Gentle contingence could possibly

Ignite this sub rosa heart


Lips eventually defy my will

Curling into a damn smile


And I hope my dresses smell like you again

Our alumni member Alan Chen concludes this series of poems with the following poem, which muses about the search for purpose:

The Search for Purpose

Our purpose in life is cast in stone

It is not true that

People are born without a predetermined reason

I am sure we can all agree

The reality we live in is rather random and pointless

But when you think about it

Perhaps there is a grand plan set in motion

My destiny


My decision

The steps I take in my life

Will guide me to

What I am set to achieve

The future that I desire

Is mine to weave, as long as I can discover

The guiding thread behind the scenes

We can all lead meaningful lives

I wholeheartedly believe

That there is a path paved just for me, even though

I cannot see

(Now read from bottom to top)

Thank you so much for all your support, and look out for more creative writing initiatives by The Cinnamon Roll! 🙂

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