“Two”, “Bloody Roses”

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we have two more poems from the last Open Call that tackle the topic of love/lost love quite differently.
The first poem is written by Vieshaalan Naidu:


If you
Need two

Hands to
Help you

And to
Hold you

My two
Arms will

Catch you.

The second poem is written by Annabelle – will you see roses the same way again? Perhaps it’s time to buy your Valentine daffodils instead:

Bloody Roses

I’ve seen you prick your tender finger
upon the roses thorn
as beautiful as it is
the roses are adorned

they charm you and tempt you to touch them
with their pretty red roses
but when you pick one up
your fingers bleed as it closes

the blood as red as the rose itself
causes you the pain
but each time you see a rose
you’re tempted to try again

each stem must have a thorn
or no rose would be complete
but some break off when you touch them
others bury deep

you could always take the flower alone
without it’s dangerous stalk
but it’ll never be whole
with no pain each time you walk

too careful about being pricked
as you watch each step you take
but if you never get hurt
no real flowers would roses make

roses beautiful yet deceiving
dangerous and wild
a stunning blood stained flower
with petals just as mild

you gaze upon each thorn that struck you
the pain still searing within
but only you can lick your wounds
and condemn those thorns to be mean

you long to let go of it
the piercing sensation inside
but only you could remove the thorn yourself
after the rose has died

don’t let the petals wither
and fall to the ground
remove the thorns one by one
and turn things around

no more should blood be bitter
but fresh, warm and clean
as it colours the red roses
washing over all sin