Creative Showcase

Of Depth and Lemon Curd Tarts

This week we have two poems for your perusal!

This week we have two poems for your perusal!

The first poem is a sonnet by Alan Chen which will definitely leave you pondering life and the grander scheme of things:

The Depth

I cross the chasm on a bridge of compressions and rarefactions

To find myself standing upon a distant shore

Behold! The sea of consciousness spreads out in all directions

Strangely familiar, yet I have never been here before


The winds of time are fickle, constantly changing their course

One moment the waves are turbulent, another a motionless pond

Beneath the transient world lies a slow and steady force

Deep sea currents control the flow with an inescapable bond


I dive into the vast expanse, peeling away the layers of mystery

Structures both man-made and natural littered the ocean floor

Each a monument erected to honour a chapter in history

To reach the unfathomable bottom I have to give it my all


To interact with others is to stand upon that distant shore

Often we see a ripple, and assume we have seen it all


Meanwhile, Bianca Tham brings us back to the little things we can afford to appreciate in life, even the hard-to-eat but delicious lemon curd tarts from Humble Origins, which inspired this next poem:

Ode to the Lemon Curd Tart

Every time.

Every time you flip.

Some times

before I finish.

Is it my hastiness to consume you

That you always turn around?

Ode to the lemon curd tart.

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