USCharmed: End-of-Semester Dinner

Article by Cheah Wenjie

Photos by Goh Xin Ying

I recently remarked to a friend on how quickly time seemed to pass – It felt like we had barely started school and yet, here we are in the midst of the final exams – to which he quoted me the old cliché “Time flies when you’re having fun”.

I don’t really know where this “fun” came from; maybe he just hadn’t been attending classes much.

In any case, the semester has ended but here in USP, it ended – as it always does – with a bang. The End-of-Semester Dinner, endearingly-named USCharmed, put on a magical theme this year in its Harry Potter themed formal dinner.


  The Goblet of Fire, also known as the Traditional Harry Potter BBQ Pit.

Clearly, many students have been preparing for this day all their lives. Most came decked in Hogwarts wear and brandishing replica wands.


 These witches put a spell on me alright


Gryffindor + Hillary.


 “I stole a tablecloth before the dinner started.”

The dinner started with a presentation of Certificates of Appreciation to students who had initiated Interest Groups or Ground-Up Initiatives previously. These enchanting students do the work to make the fun happen so that other students can have fun without doing any work. Thanks guys.


Here we see yet another tablecloth being denied its true purpose. Also, that’s a spider atop his head.


Christopher – Reversi Captain. I’d make a Reversi joke here but that’d be really backward. Also, Cheng Lei forgot to smile.

Games were played as well during the night – including the wizarding favourite “Pin the scar on Potter” which apparently is a muggle favourite as well.


10 points to Slytherin

As a bonus, the exciting new initiative USPolymath which showcases speakers sharing on any chosen topic but in only 6 minutes, featured during the dinner as well.


Here we have Jin ‘Have my babies’ Wee kicking off the sharing.


A truly effervescent sharing on mermaids.

Attendees were also treated to a selection of predominantly-Christmas songs by members of the resident performance group Livecore. Their bewitching performances left us spellbound.


Swoon (emphasis original)

The dinner was all-in-all a grand success and a magical ending to an otherwise very muggle-like semester. Project Director Xi Ya spoke effusively on the whole event.

What was the toughest challenge personally you, and for the team, in this whole event?

I think the toughest challenge for me was to work with the various stakeholders. Everyone has different concerns and ideas on how the dinner should go – It’s impossible to satisfy everyone and I was under pressure to make the right decisions. I was lucky that many others who made the EOS dinner possible had my back. I think for all of us, the challenge was really the tight timeline to put the dinner up. The design sub-committee were still painting the owl balloons at 1am (!) the night before the dinner.

What was your favourite part about organising and executing the EOS dinner?

My favourite part was working with the committee members. Ideas were spontaneous and it was great fun meeting up and watching cat videos together.

What is your one key takeaway from the whole event?

USP is such a great place to get things done. We had so much support from so many people. Everyone is talented in one way or another and everyone is so committed to the community. I also didn’t expect people to put in so much effort into dressing up for the dinner (Editor: such as braving a jail term by stealing table cloths). Thank you for making the dinner a success! All in all, USP is a close-knit community where people are willing to come together to make things happen.

With the end of the semester, come the exams and the end of our lives. Just kidding – good luck everyone for your exams you’re all special snowflakes so show off that specialness to the examiners. See you at the annual lecture notes-bonfire.

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