Creative Showcase

Poetry Open Call: Winning Entries

The first poem was written by Jessica Tan –

El Camino Real

is perpendicular to these gates.

The City of Angels has room for a few more.

If we just get on and head south,

stay true sans pit stops,

we’ll be back in only eight hours.


On the corner of Ann and Baker,

sits an unassuming warehouse —

Chiparaki, or Little Water —

and it bears our names.


See Fabian firing up the Chiquita Banana,

ready to take us to Carnitas for falafels.

Cruise in the unkempt yellow truck,

turning our backs on the downtown skyline.


Wage war against the state historic park,

used encyclopedias our weapons of choice.

Call it a day before sundown,

raising toasts to Argentina in plastic cups.


Play sardines in James’ two-door Acura,

for another round in dodgy South Central.

Find ourselves by the streets of Little Tokyo,

marching bands in our heads the next morning.


But at least we’ll be here,

at least we’ll be home.


The second winning entry is written by an anonymous author –


Put down your pen

set off into light

You walk through the door

solid walls, blue skies, collide


brick to grass, grass to brick

your path there is no right

Cross a river

cross a road


you find a pen by your side.


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