Halloween Horrors 2015

By Cheah Wenjie

Pictures by Tham Jun Han

Halloween. That time of the year where you can wear a mask, wield a cleaver and run towards a bunch of people screaming that you’re about to lop off their heads and get candy for it. If only life was always so simple.


Creepy puppet with a half-complete game of tic-tac-toe on its face .

This year, Halloween was celebrated jointly by all the Residential Colleges in University Town, with each RC coming up with their own unique activities – Among the offerings this year were various Haunted Houses, Escape Rooms, this game where you run around a hall and ghosts chase you, performances at the CAPT/RC4 dining hall, and fundraising booths. Students were free to visit every college and partake in the activities there.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words – something I wish NUS professors would accept in lieu of actual writing – so here are approximately 4000 words!


After the horrors of the night, Movin wonders if he’ll ever sleep again. Actually he’s just wondering when his Ameens is arriving.


A team here looking smug after completing an escape room. The handsome dude on the rightmost apparently did most of the solving.


Don’t let their smiles deceive you – These two are cold-blooded killers whose FOP fundraising booth slayed many a wallet that night.


“Bro, your eye-liner and lipstick smudged.”

All in all, the night was a huge success – people got scared, candy was exchanged, onesies were worn. It was a night where for many, dressing up as ghouls and demons exorcised much of the accumulated stress the semester had brought about thus far.

The Halloween celebrations thus seemed a fitting last hurrah before the upcoming exams – I presume much of the horror in facing ghouls along what used to be a safe hallway will be replicated when staring down the exam paper in an examination hall. Nonetheless, it was a night of merriment to bring the semester to its twilight.

That just leaves the upcoming End-of-Semester dinner. See you all there – I heard it’s magical.

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