20 No-Budget Harry Potter Costumes

By Ang De Rong, Gerrie Chua, and Naomi Lourdesamy

Don’t have the money or time to get a legit Harry Potter costume but still want to participate in the end-of-sem dinner revelry? We present to you, 20 No-Budget Harry Potter Costumes!

  1. The Muggle – Just wear normal clothes.

Bonus: Come as a British Muggle

If you find this too much of a cop out, here are some slight variations:

  1. The Wizard – Add a cloth (towel, blanket, bedsheet, curtain, etc.) around your neck, preferably black.
  1. The Quidditch Player – Stick a broomstick between your legs for the entirety of the dinner.

  1. The Portrait – Hold up a frame around you, which you can make out of cardboard!

And, you get to be as theatrical as you want.

  1. The Dementor – Wear all black with a black hoodie or a large black cloth covering your whole body. Then get into strangers’ personal space and loom over them to suck up their happiness. (Suggested prop: Vacuum cleaner.)

  1. The Boggart – Here’s your chance to reuse your scary Halloween costumes. Or you can dress up as the professor you fear most!

  1. The person under an invisibility cloak – Just don’t show up. (NOT ADVISED)

You, the next day.

Want to dress up as a specific character? Try…

  1. Luna – Simply hold up a newspaper or magazine upside down and get a little crazy with your outfit. Funky glasses, vegetable accessories, just wearing one shoe are all fair game!

Me to everyone between weeks 10 to 13.

  1. Umbridge – Wear a pink ensemble and bring a cat (or a stuffed one).

This would’ve worked so well if it was on a Wednesday.

  1. Bellatrix – Wear a black ensemble with crazy hair (and maybe walk on some tables and cackle).

  1. Trelawney – Wear a crazy ensemble with crazier hair. Also bring a teacup with some tea residue. Go up to people and start reading them their (mis)fortunes.

A free pass to insult everyone you know and love.

  1. Snape – Wear black and make your hair look greasy with gel.

  1. Krum – Gym rats, this one’s for you. You can either dress up as The Quidditch Player or wear a shark’s head over your own. Either way, make sure you wear (or don’t wear) something that shows of your muscles and grunt a lot.
  1. Ollivander – Go outside and collect a bunch of sticks. Hand them out saying “the wand chooses the wizard” in a sagely voice.

  1. Dobby – Just wear a pillowcase and carry a sock.

Bonus: You get the stick it to The Man while in character

  1. Nagini – Wrap yourself up in a blanket/cloth and begin to writhe and crawl on the floor.

Suggested dance move #1: The Worm

  1. Whomping Willow – Stick red/green Postits to your arms (leaves) and wave your arms around vigorously, occasionally walloping your friends.

Suggested dance move #2: Whatever this is.

Too afraid to go it alone? Try our group costume ideas!

  1. Seven Harry Potters – If you have a group of seven, just use a black marker/eyeliner to draw on fake glasses and lightning bolts on your foreheads. The beauty of this costume is – your clothes don’t matter!

  1. Fluffy: Get 2 friends that you wouldn’t mind being in verrrrry close proximity to for the length of the dinner. Stick together and wrap a brown cloth around your torsos. Be sure to growl occasionally and fall asleep when you hear soothing music!

Totally unrelated: You get to double up as a Pokemon.

  1. Voldemort & Quirrell – If you and your BFF/lover are literally inseparable, we have a costume for you! Step 1: Get a shirt large enough to contain you both. Step 2: Stand back to back. Step 3: Put that shirt over BOTH of you. Step 4: Work on dem steps cause you’ll need some serious coordination just to get to your seat (yes, singular). Tadah, you are now Voldemort and Quirrell! Have fun being physically bonded for life.

♪ Reunited and it feels so good~ ♪

Alternatively, if you have very little hair, draw on your very own Voldy on the back of your head! Eyes and two slits for a nose will do.

All jokes aside, we hope these ~fabulous~ costumes have given you both laughter and hopefully… inspiration! Have a good end-of-semester dinner 🙂

Additional challenge: See if you can top that.

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