Vying for the Hon Fin Sec role: How Kwang Ming vs Moh Su Jin

To help you cast your vote and assuage your need to know about anything and everything, we posed the same questions to the two candidates as they sit side by side.

By Kintan Andanari.

Meet this year’s nominees for Honourary Finance Secretary (Hon Fin Sec), Ianthe captain How Kwang Ming, and new kid on the block Moh Su Jin. 

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Contesting for the same role is not their only similarity – they are both Hwa Chong alumna, both hailing from the Faculty of Business, and both members of the same house in USP.

To help you cast your vote and assuage your need to know about anything and everything, we posed the same questions to the two candidates as they sit side by side.

On being a prospective Hon Fin Sec

  1. Considering that your role is contested by other candidates, what do you think makes you more suitable for this role?

How Kwang Ming: To be honest, I’m gonna pull the senior card here – Su jin has her own experience in JC, but I have more experience in USP. I think I understand the system better.

Also, I see my role in the MC as more than just a Hon Fin Sec – I think my stint as my house’s captain helps me in knowing the kind of changes I would implement in the house system.

Moh Su Jin: Experience-wise, I have always been a treasurer ever since I can be a treasurer. I also interned at an accounting firm, dealing primarily with staff claims. I may not be very familiar with the role yet, but I will be.

I think the fact that I’m a freshie is actually a good thing, I can bring in energy because I’m not jaded.

  1. What do you think the role entails?

Moh Su Jin: I think it’s mainly managing the claims, budgetting, liaising with people regarding budget, and recording all the transactions.

How Kwang Ming: basically a Hon Fin Sec handles two major things: revenue and expenses.

On the revenue side, we need to get adequate fundings from the school’s administrators, from the current USC reserves, and develop ways to earn through selling merchandises or writing to external sponsors.

On the expenses side, this is when all the claims come in – how much should we allocate for a committee, for interest groups, and for big ticket events like USProductions.

  1. Why did you specifically sign up for this role?

How Kwang Ming: after my finals ended, I asked myself what else could I be doing for USP since my time as house captain would be over. It so happened that around that time, the previous Hon Fin Sec asked me if I were interested in taking up her role. I thought about it, and as an accountancy student, handling USP’s finances would the most natural thing to do.

Moh Su Jin: I chose NUS because of USP, and I don’t want USP to be a disappointment. I would say that I have a vested interest to make it a better place. I think it would be best to be directly involved in the MC, especially in an area where I have experience in.

  1. How’s your campaign so far, and how will it proceed?

Moh Su Jin: Zi Yi, Jeremy and I are running together as a team, with each of us having very unique surnames – Moh, Ewe, Jee respectively. We chose to combine our surnames, and named our group based on these surnames: we are Ewemohji, and sometime Ewemohjee-nation (read as emoji).

We’ve been speaking to friends, pasting posters and we’re rolling out some surprises!

How Kwang Ming: Like Su Ji, I’m running with a team of year 2s, namely Tham Jun Han, and Royston Chua. We formed the team during the camp/orientation period, and we started discussing on what we could do for USP, and talking to people.

We have released posters, with our faces on them, posing a single question to the public: ‘what is your USP?’. We can’t just run on our own visions, and we need feedback from people. Including a question also underscores our view of the community as one based on critical thinking.

We’re working on a video now, so please anticipate!

  1. What do you wish to implement?

 How Kwang Ming: To me, running for this position means that I am running to become a member of the core MC, and as a Hon Fin Sec proper. After all, we (MC) should be working for more than just the role we formally have.

As a member of the core MC, the first thing I’d like to restructure is the house system – the roles of the vice captain and the captain are not clearly delineated, and houses lack funds

As a Hon Fin Sec, I would like to improve on the current claims system. It’s not bad, but there’s a pretty long lag time between the time the claims are submitted and the time the committees’ get the refunds. I’m not ready to promise this, but I’d like to create a system where people can check at which stage their claim is.

Moh Su Jin: most people are concerned about the stage where the claims are at, and they want their refunds fast. I’ll try to speed it up. I’ll look through it.

Getting to know the individuals

1. What are your interests?

Moh Su Jin: I play the violin, I play chess, I do archery, I love cars, and I’ll be taking a part of a car. I also like legos, and basically creating things..

How Kwang Ming: Hehe shameless publicity but Ang De Rong and I are starting this Stairwell Acoustic – we just play the guitar in staircases. I was initially forced by my parents to take up the guitar, but it really grew on me after awhile.

2. Tell us something interesting about you

How Kwang Ming: I’m extremely passionate about Floorball. Like I really, really love floorball.

Moh Sujin: I’m tall and not Korean. My name is a spelling error – my grandparents’ surname was Mok, but somehow it turned into Moh, and my name was supposed to be Siqun, but it became Su Jin because my parents thought Siqun was a weird name.

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