College Hacks

Cinnamon 101: Hacks & Tips for College Life!

A walkthrough of 12 useful hacks and tips for surviving college life!

A walkthrough of 12 useful hacks and tips for surviving college life! ☺

By: Bianca Tham

Photo credits: Ong Joey

1. Probably one of the best inventions ever.Pic 1 At $2, this magic sponge (available at Daiso) erases markings off any white concrete wall. Simply damp the sponge and wipe away!

The sponge disintegrates with each rub, by the way. No toss, no fuss!

Goodbye ugly, black smudges.


2. Spice up your room by playing around with different configurations using the room furniture!
Lie the bookshelf down and use it as a table, or slide it under the bed!Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 5.10.04 pm


3. The corkboard behind the door is removable, so place it anywhere more convenient for you! (Just make sure you hang it back when checking out!)

 4. Another amazing product available at Daiso- the extendable pole (different lengths available). Clamp it between walls that jut out or even the bookshelf!


Use it to string your fairy lights and even hang tote bags with the use of S-hooks! It is very sturdy with some that can support up to 3kg!

5. Doors that rattle all night with each gust of wind so common in Cinnamon? Simply use blue-tack on the frame of the door.


No more nightmares!

6. Seen the occasional creepy crawly? An alternative to the bug spray is the gel repellent. Anti-ant or roach gel repellents come in little circle containers that can be slid under the bed or in the corner. Suites would benefit best from this, especially if food is lying around in the living room! Plus factor: No intoxicating smells.

7. Customise your door with chalk! Grab a pack of multi-coloured chalk from IKEA at only $3! Draw, write, and invite your friends to join in!

Chalk comes off easily with wet wipes.
Because tic-tac-toe and doodles.

8. Experiencing low water pressure from the bathroom sinks? Fix it quick yourself! (Thank us later, faultycinnamon!)
Locate the flat knob under the sink and adjust accordingly.7
Just mind your head.

To report faults that this article cannot solve→

9. Arriving at the issue of lifts. Undo a pressed floor button by holding it down when the doors of the elevator are open.

10. There’s no need to tap your card for every press of the floor button. Ride on someone’s tap (~8 seconds grace) by holding the button down.
*Friendly suggestion: Climb a floor or two during peak periods. The lift does not need to stop at every level. The penthouse thanks you.

11. Do you know that there are recycling bins on each level? Drop-bins to be exact. Access the ‘Refuse Room’ to recycle paper, cans and plastic bottles!

Also, prevent the bins in the pantry and those outside the lifts from overflowing by throwing your trash in the ‘General Waste’ bin, also in the Refuse Room.


12. Ever wondered at the various settings on the washing machine and dryer?
Wonder no more!

Temp. Setting Cycle Tips
Hot Whites Regular Use for oily stains- Less detergent
Warm Colours Regular 50% less energy than hot water load
Perm. Press Cool Down
Delicates Short Wash/Soak
Cold Brights Regular Most energy efficient
Woollens Short


10 11

Temp. Setting Cycle Tips
High Heat Whites & Colours Regular Good for towels and jeans (prone to shrinking)
Moderate Heat Perm. Press Regular For “tumble-dry” clothes, goodbye crinkles!
Low Heat Delicates Regular

Extra remarks:
– Remove your clothes from the dryer as soon as possible to prevent wrinkles from setting in
– Use the whiteboards if you’re prone to forgetting your laundry
– And if you haven’t noticed, lint goes into the bin, NOT the sink (#USClearinglint)
– Finally, NEVER wash and dry shoes in the machines

Have an enjoyable semester ahead :).

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