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The Latest Scoop.


Bing Bing Ice-Cream Gallery (name as inspired by冰淇淋) opened its 5th outlet in U-Town last semester, but surprisingly, many people have yet to try them out. Being the ice cream buff that I am, I approached the management with the insane idea to taste all 26 flavours that the store has to offer. Here’s presenting to you, the Bing Bing Ice-Cream Grade Book!

★ Must try!

Avocado with Gula Melaka [A-]

An alternative to that avocado milkshake, creamy and light, this flavour grows on you!

Bailey’s Irish Crème [B-]

Unlike other Baileys-flavoured ice cream in the market, the alcohol is not overwhelming. Plus point for its fascinating viscosity-like texture!

Belgium Chocolate [C-]

Rather creamy and dense, almost like chocolate milk, but not outstanding.

Blueberry Cheesecake [C]

Crumbly and light, but the blueberries were underwhelmed.

Caramel Biscuit [A-]

Think crushed ‘Lotus’ or Speculoos biscuits. Enough said.

Cappuccino Almond [B+]

A great alternative to that Starbucks, and with chewy almonds too!

Coffee Oreo [A-]

Stronger than the Cappuccino but does not leave the usual caffeine aftertaste. The perfect pick-me-up for coffee-lovers!

Cookies and Cream [C]

Would be better with crunchier cookie bits.

Earl Grey and Fig [B+]

Creamy and wonderful, this is a cup of tea on your palette.

Fresh Coconut [B+] ★

A milkier version of the famous icy Thai ice cream. It’s hard to come by good coconut ice cream, so it’s a must-try!

Gula Melaka with Red Bean [A] ★

A fast melter, this tastes instead like red bean ice cream with gula melaka. Perfect dessert for childhood nostalgia!

Honey Nut [B]

Light and not as sweet as expected, this is almost like honey milk tea in ice cream form.

Lychee [B]

Unexpectedly creamy for a fruit flavour! Very generous with lychee bits.

Mango Sorbet [C+]

Smooth and tangy, but nothing amazing.

Mao Shan Wang Durian [B+]

A very slow melter, this is milky and pulpy but not overwhelming on the taste buds.

Mint Oreo [C+]

Creamy, with no lingering mint aftertaste. Can definitely do with more chocolate bits.

Mixed Berries Sorbet [C+]

A very pretty glazed dessert, sweet and very smooth. A fast melter, this one.

Rum and Raisin [A+] ★

Strong rum but light and smooth, it partners the raisins amazingly. Hands down one of my favourites EVER.

Salty Peanut Butter [A-]

Best of both worlds- creamy but also chunky with crunchy chocolate pearls. Flavour burst, be warned.

Sea Salt Caramel and Roasted Almond [A]

Crunchy with more than a tinge of salt, it is understandable why this is their most popular flavour!

Soursop Sorbet [B]

Dense, strong yet very refreshing! Warning: Extremely pulpy.

Strawberry [B-]

Blended with fresh berries (expect lots of fruit bits and seeds!), on the sweeter side.

Delightful as a summer dessert!

Strawberry Cheesecake [A-]

Light and delightful. Definitely superior to its blueberry counterpart!

Valrhona Chocolate [B-]

An interestingly soft but rough texture. Extremely rich, but not dark.

Vanilla Bean [A+] ★

My friend once told me that good vanilla ice cream has noticeable vanilla beans in the mixture, and my, my is it true! Unlike the typical vanilla ice creams out there, its texture is course and makes for a wonderful sensation in the mouth!

Wild Strawberry Yoghurt [C+]

You’ll forget you’re eating ice cream, but I’ll stick to my regular yoghurt. It left my throat scratchy.

Come support this severely underrated contender in the ice cream industry! The very kind folks at Bing Bing have given the Cinnamon community some 400 $1 coupons that you can use on your next purchase! (Not to be used with the existing 10% student discount) Pick one up from the exam welfare packs that will be distributed soon! J

Bing Bing Ice Cream Gallery

Tanjong Katong (Main Branch)

Eastwood Centre

United Square

Valley Point

NUS University Town

HillV2 (New Outlet!)