Residential Life Proposal: The Latest Updates

There has been much discussion and back-and-forth regarding the residential life proposal put out by the 13th MC recently, with open letters written in response and subsequent modifications to the proposal by the 13th MC. Confused by all that is going on? The Cinnamon Roll has been following the issue and we have compiled everything that you need to know before you vote for which proposal the 13th MC will bring up for consideration.

The 13th MC proposes The Level – Re-envisioning USP’s Support Structures. In it, they outline how the freshmen will be dispersed over 6 levels and the new role of Level Head which will form the social node of the community.

An open letter by Peh Chu Ming, the current Black House Captain, written on behalf of the entire 3rd House Comm, argues against the deformalisation of the House system that the proposal seems to indicate.

In another open letter by 4 former house captains from the 2nd House Comm, they express their concerns with the MC’s proposal and suggest an alternative, an integrated House-Neighbourhood system.

Derek Lim, former USC president from the 12th MC, contends that the proposal does not de-emphasize the houses at all, and weighs in on why a change in residential life is necessary.

The 13th MC releases a set of three videos to clarify and assess the options put forward: An integrated house-neighbourhood system, the status quo, and a modified status quo which tweaks the original proposal by changing level heads to full-fledged RAs. The 13th MC asks USC to vote on which proposal they like best at this link:, so that they can bring up the results to RFs and USP admin on 1st March.

2 March: The 13th MC releases a second proposal, ‘Modifications to Residential Life‘.

To be updated when more news comes in!

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