Reimagining USP Residential Life & Support Structures

Early yesterday morning, the MC presented a new proposal that boldly reimagines support structures in USP. (The proposal can be found on USP Life!)

In a huge departure from the current status quo, the proposal intends to do away with the existing institutions and paradigms of Houses and Neighbourhoods, and instead to build a new support and social structure around the concept of Floors, which aim to “retain the positive elements of both Houses (especially) and Neighbourhoods, but adds new and desirable elements that were not previously captured by either Houses or Neighbourhoods”. It seems that Floors will now be the new formal social support system in USP, taking the place of Houses and Neighbourhoods.

Naturally, with such a bold and radical re-envisioning of existing systems and institutions, the proposal has generated quite a debate throughout the day – a very long comment thread of the kind USP Life! is known for, impassioned open letters, and who knows what next – but which we will not attempt to report or summarise here.

Rather, The Cinnamon Roll would like to hear what you think about the proposal, which is one that will affect current and future USP students, and that so many of us seem to have strong opinions about.

Let us know in the (informal and unofficial) poll here, and feel free to drop us a comment below!


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