Inter-College Games 2014

By Gary Tse

The 2014 Inter-College Games closed off with a prize-giving ceremony at Chua Thian Poh Hall on Sunday evening, rounding off two weeks of intense competition as the four UTown colleges vie for supremacy. USP came in 3rd overall after Tembusu and Yale-NUS. As Damon Lye, a USP freshman, said at the closing ceremony, “there are no winners or losers, only learners”. We hope that this competition has been a fruitful journey for everyone involved, from picking up a new sport to making new friends.

We would like to thank the Sports Committees from the different colleges for organising and executing this year’s iteration of ICG. And most of all, a big thank you to the athletes from among us for representing USP with great sportsmanship and fighting so hard on the court!

Duathlon: 2nd


Basketball: 2nd & 3rd


Floorball: 1st


Table-Tennis: 2nd


Frisbee: 2nd & 4th


Badminton: 4th


Tchoukball: 4th


Captain’s Ball: Preliminaries


Football: 4th


Dodgeball: 3rd


Photos courtesy of Brandon Lee, Mark Heng, Hazim Rosli, Pearlyn Chua, Cheryl Er and Kiat Long

For more on the results and cool photos of the Games, do visit the official ICG website and Facebook page!

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