Dreams & Desires 2014

By Teo Yu Siang

Organised by the USP interest group Regrets for Dreams, Dreams & Desires is an amateur arts exhibition featuring amateur artwork from students and staff all over NUS. A total of 120 artworks by 36 artists are displayed, ranging from pencil sketches to photographs to digital art and even original song compositions. Interestingly, Dreams & Desires has a strict submission criterion: you have to be an amateur. All submitted artworks were exhibited, and no curation was involved.


This is the second year Regrets for Dreams is organizing the arts exhibition. Last year’s exhibition displayed amateur artwork from USP students, and was held in the lobby of Cinnamon College. Due to the overwhelming response, Regrets for Dreams decided to expand this year’s exhibition to the entire campus, and four months of planning culminated in this current exhibition held at the Stephen Riady Centre in UTown. Dreams & Desires was organized not only to provide amateur artists with a chance to showcase their art, but also to encourage and inspire students to pursue their dreams, despite our busy, super-packed school schedules.

The exhibition will be held from 3rd to 21st February at Level 2 of the Stephen Riady Centre in UTown, outside the Flavours@UTown foodcourt.

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