Cinnamon Run

By Gary Tse

The hotly anticipated Cinnamon Run debuted on Thursday, much to the delight of the USP community. The popularity of running in Singapore has increased over the years as people adopt a healthy lifestyle and this is reflected in the USP community too, with about 130 runners turning up for the run. Brandon Lee, Deputy Director of the Sports Committee, said: “Basically, the run was organised to promote an active and healthy lifestyle by providing a platform for the USP community to engage in friendly competition.

“We also hope to present sports as an integrated part of students’ holistic lifestyle by making it a community event with a social component,” he added, elaborating on this concept by citing the example of captain’s ball and other sports being played at the CTPH as both an informal, social recreational activity and a way to keep fit. In this spirit, participation for the run was completely free, and runners were provided with free race tees as well.

A pair of runners starting the race in high spirits.

We were flagged off in two waves due to the overwhelming number of runners. Spirits ran high among the participants as the 5km route brought us from UTown to the side field of the track at Sports & Recreation Centre. Along the way, we had to tackle multiple hills that really tested our mettle and determination. Ultimately, everyone managed to overcome those daunting hills and the mutual encouragement as we passed each other was heartening to see. While some runners gave their best and ran to the best of their abilities, others treated it as a time to bond with their friends. Of course, some of us might have seen this as an opportunity to burn off some calories before the Chinese New Year comes around. Whatever our motivation for running, it hardly mattered because everyone seemed to have enjoyed the run.

One of the many hills along the way

After finishing, we headed over to CTPH for a well-deserved rest and to immerse in the upbeat atmosphere. More importantly, there were free Krispy Kreme doughnuts and cinnamon rolls! A Cinnamon Run would not be complete without cinnamon rolls. OCBC, the main sponsor for the event, also had a booth and their advertised card, FRANK by OCBC, was generally well-received as people streamed over to sign up. The whole place felt like a true post-race holding area and was pretty impressive by any standards. After a short wait, the prize-giving ceremony, sponsored by Dreamatron, was held and the USP community waited with baited breath to find out who the speed junkies among us were and the night was rounded off with a USP group photo.

A well-deserved rest.
The enthusiastic race officials.

Overall, the event was well-executed and the road marshals did a great job in ensuring the safety of the runners. If there were any hiccups along the way, most of us participants were barely aware of them. Special mention goes to the Sports Committee who started setting up the event area at midnight the day before and ensured the smooth running of the run.

Said Brandon: “We were really glad that most people enjoyed the run and were really enthusiastic about this. It was heartwarming to receive their well wishes at the end of the race.”

The Sports Committee would also like to thank every participant, volunteer and sponsor who made this event possible. To find out more about the sponsor Dreamatron, click here!

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