More Than Just Badminton

more than just badminton
by Zheng Weijie
It has been quite a while since we started playing badminton at the CTPH, but we didn’t really think of becoming an interest group. But after the last ICG, we thought: “why not form an IG and get some funding?” So that we applied to become an official IG. We wanted our group to be more than just a badminton interest group; to name an interest group for x interest to be x interest group is just too mainstream! Besides, we do not meet only to play badminton! So after some moments of brainstorming for different names, Rei-En, Dawn, Yong Jian and myself arrived at the name ‘More Than Just Badminton’ or ‘>Just Badminton’, and we finally became an official IG just a few months ago.
Badminton is our core activity, but we do more than just that. We train and select the team to represent USP during IFG and ICG, but we also actively play for leisure during the lull periods. Our fringe activities include taking part in USP events (e.g. vertical marathon), cafe/coffee/tea/cake hunting, coffee making (we have coffee lovers on board with us) and mugging. Essentially, we are about being more than just badminton.
We have regular weekly badminton games at CTPH on Mondays from 7pm to 10pm. We’re quite a laidback group during the lull period, but the frequency of sessions increases as we approach competition periods. Other than IFG and ICG, we have other activities such as “Recess week also need to eat” (a cooking and lunch session during recess week for everyone to take a short break and gather over food we cooked). We have also lined up other events for this year, such as a post-exam outing (food hunt) and cafe hopping!
If you are interested, feel free to contact Weijie at, or just come along during one of our Monday sessions to speak to either Weijie or Alfred.

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