USP Productions’ new play ‘Patchwork’ to be staged this month

patchwork-posterBy Gloria Pang

“It’s surreal. It’s bohemian. It’s quirky.”

This is the vision for the upcoming USP production, entitled Patchwork.  Madeline, the protagonist, is at a crossroads in her life. She has to navigate her possible life paths, explore choices, and confront her past and future. This year, USP Productions presents a fresh take on a dilemma all of us will face – what happens after graduation? Follow Madeline as she explores three alternatives to how her life will pan out.

The cast features three actors in the main role: freshmen Rachel Lim and Lin Lele, as well as Tang Rei-En, who acted in the Couch Theatre production Melancholy Play. Alfred Wan, who acted in White Collar, will be portraying Madeline’s love interest.

Behind the scenes: Rei-En and Alfred at rehearsal

Directors San Weng Kin and Denise Khng reveal that unlike People, last year’s USP production which featured only six actors, Patchwork will feature an ensemble cast. Furthermore, they will be departing from the minimalist aesthetic that characterized not only People but also its predecessor White Collar.

“The play is composed of vignettes of different story arcs of the same character rather than a linear or chronological narrative,” the producers said.

An explorational piece, the play will take place in a “black box” – a space for both the actors and producers to experiment with the raw emotions of the cast. Audiences will be privy to these emotions – creating a more intimate setting. However, the producers assured us that it won’t be all serious, with the audience also “in for a lot of laughs.”

The USP Productions team is currently working hard to bring Patchwork to the stage, with rehearsals currently in full swing. With a fresh team this year, producer Natalie feels that the focus for the year is helping each cast or crew member grow both as individuals and as a team. Truly, this journey of self-discovery closely parallels what Patchwork is all about.

“That’s the nice thing about theatre – even if you’ve done it for years, there’s a lot to learn. Everyone’s new to theatre in different ways, and that’s what makes it meaningful for everyone,” she said.
Directors Denise and Weng Kin at rehearsal.

Natalie and fellow producer Sophy Tio, both of whom worked on People last year, inject needed experience into the production. Their shared passion for the arts inspires them to provide a platform for the new cast and crew to likewise discover their passion for theatre. Beyond Patchwork, the two of them have plans to work together on future productions outside of NUS.

Reckless, foolish, but always quixotic, take the plunge with Madeleine and her alter egos in the different journeys life has to offer. Ticket sales start next week and be sure to catch USP Productions as Patchwork takes the stage from 24 to 26 January!

Interested readers can go to or for more information, or email if they want to help out with Patchwork or USP Productions.


Show Details:
24, 25, 26 Jan: 8pm-10pm
25 Jan (Matinee Show): 2pm-4pm

Ticket Price: $22
The first 100 people will receive a limited edition USP Productions tote bag!

Tickets can be purchased at or at Cinnamon College on the following dates:

13 Jan: 6-8pm
15, 16 Jan: 12-2pm, 6-8pm

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