by Shawn Ng

Tchoukball is a sport first developed in Switzerland and arrived on our shores only about 4 to 5 years back. It is a very unique sport in the sense that it is a non-contact and non-intercept game, developed with the objective of reducing injuries often associated with sports prone to aggression and physical contact. However, don’t allow such a picture to create a false sense of a Tchoukball game being a slow-paced and boring! In fact, you might be surprised at how much quick movement and technical foot and hand-work is involved.

USPTchouk was started a few months back for a group of like-minded, passionate and first-time Tchoukball players to represent USP in the Inter-Collegiate Games. Out of the entire team of USP tchoukball players who took part in the ICG, only 3 of us (myself included) had ever played Tchoukball before. Many of the other players picked up the game within 1 or 2 sessions. So don’t be shy of your lack of experience and come pick up a new sport. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

A normal session often involves 1 hour of technical training and 1 hour of game play! Come join us for a ball of a time at 8.30pm every Tuesday to try out this new and up-and-coming sport. Are you fit enough to endure a round of this game?

To interested participants (experienced or otherwise): contact Shawn at 84485221.


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