USCaptain’s Ball


by Mark Heng

USCaptain’s Ball had its humble beginnings in the Chua Thian Poh Hall (CTPH) back in 2011, when the University Scholars Programme (USP) first moved into our new home at Cinnamon College.

This interest group is where members of the USCommunity gather to play the sport that defined our childhood. Captain’s Ball is a sport that most of us know how to play, and it was a way for the USPirit to carry on, for us to keep fit and also to allow us to get to know one another after the Inter-Faculty Games. We have people from all around the USCommunity, from different Houses and different cohorts – anyone is welcome to join as long as they’re game!

Any USCaptain’s Ball session is a time to gather at the end of a long day. A sense of camaraderie inevitably emerges from crazy nights of fun and fitness! A curious mix of fast-paced action, athletic feats, nostalgic reminiscence, and occasional postmodernism, USCaptain’s Ball is for everybody and transcends the boundaries between the usual team sports.

We have taken part in the first Inter-College Games and intend to participate and represent USP in future Inter-College Games.

If you want to ball in on all the fun, do join our Facebook group, or contact Mark at 96703760!

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