Kickstart BREWiches

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You may feel a little disoriented when you first step into Kickstart BREWiches. This little café has a rather interesting theme for their décor, i.e. everything and anything. From the little Etch-A-Sketch that greets you when you enter, to the packs of coffee beans that line the back of the shop, to the huge LCD TV on the side wall, Kickstart BREWiches’ décor hangs precariously between kitschy and tacky.

Such overwhelming ambience continues with the menu, which has rather interesting names for the food, such as Moo Moo Shakies and Hungry Uni-students Stackie-stack. I felt a little like I was reading a children’s book. One thing about Kickstart BREWiches is that they do not accept credit cards, so make sure you have enough money on you! Although $20 at this café will get you a long way, given the very affordable prices.


Caramello TNT: $5.90

The Caramello TNT tastes like every fat kid’s fantasy. Every sip draws a mouthful of creamy milk, little chocolate biscuit bits and chocolate sprinkles. It may be sickeningly sweet for some, but for me it was the perfect combination of caramel, full milk and chocolate. The only issue I had was that it was a little too thin for my liking, and there wasn’t enough of the ice-cream thick goodness that I associate with good milkshakes.

Yum-Factor: 3.5/5

salmon pizza 2 salmon pizza

Pinky Salmon (Salmon Pizzette): $8.70

The sweetness of the cheese (that tastes like it’s tinged with honey) is a good balance to the savoury texture of the smoked salmon. The pizzette crust is thin enough; it complements the texture of the dish and is not too doughy. Although hungrier guys may want to get more than just one slice of this, it is surprisingly filling despite its rather small size. Oh heck, full or not, you’ll want more than just one slice, because it’s so so good!

Yum-Factor: 4.5/5

swizz burger 2 swizz burger

Swizz Shrooms: $10.70

Don’t too alarmed when you first see the burger; a huge knife literally holds the equally huge burger upright, making it look like it’s been stabbed. The flavour of the burger, however, is slightly less impressive than its eye-raising presentation. The beef patty has a slightly smokey BBQ flavour, and is peppered with little onion bits. The mushrooms are not as fragrant as I’d have liked, and are a little dry. However, for those who are incredibly hungry, this colossal burger is the way to go!

Yum-Factor: 3/5

If you fear that your appetite won’t be satiated by the entrees, Kickstart BREWiches also offers meal add-ons at $2.90, which comes with a Soup of the Day and home-made Iced Tea — a pretty good deal in my opinion. While this cafe may not be the nearest place to school, it’s a rather nice place to hang out at. So take the chance while the semester’s just begun to chill out at Kickstart BREWiches!

Kickstart BREWiches is located at 50 Armenian Street #01-02 Wilmer Place. The closest MRT is City Hall MRT; and it is opposite the Substation.

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