The Daily Scoop

So college life isn’t all smooth sailing; at times when you get a B+ for your assignment and it seems like the world is against you, ice-cream might be all you need. The Daily Scoop serves delicious and freshly hand-made ice-cream that will not only comfort you on gloomy days but also when the sun is shining and all’s well.

Here are a few favourites to consider:


Surprising Coconut

When: On sultry afternoons when another second in the sun will melt you.
What: This flavour tastes like coconut milk but without the heaviness of dairy, making it a very refreshing treat.
Munch-o-Meter: 3.5


Xtra Stout!

When: When you need to drown your sorrows but can’t because there is still an essay waiting to be written.
What: This tastes like Guinness stout with milk; malty, smooth and creamy.
Munch-o-Meter: 3.5


Salted Mister Brown

When: When you can’t decide between sweet and savoury or when you want to satirise the current political scene.
What: Salted Mister Brown is essentially salted caramel ice-cream with generous chunks of brownie and combines the best of both sweet and savoury.
Munch-o-Meter: 4.5



When: When you’re trying to be healthy but still want ice-cream.
What: This flavour is thick and creamy with a hint of gula melaka. While this isn’t a guilt-free delight, it gives you a nutrient boost while indulging.
Munch-o-Meter: 3.0


Maple Crisp

When: When life is bitter and you need an extra sweet perk-me-up.
What: First bite and your mouth is filled with the sweetness of maple syrup, the crunch of almond adds texture as much as flavour. Have it over their warm and fluffy waffle to make it a perfect treat.
Munch-o-Meter: 4.5

A single scoop costs $3.20, waffle or brownie with a single scoop costs $5.80.

The Daily Scoop is located at 43 Jalan Mega Saga 01-78 Chip Bee Gardens, Singapore 278115

Getting there: Take a train from Kent Ridge to Holland Village and exist towards Chip Bee Gardens. The Daily Scoop is the second shop in the row.

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