Regrets for Dreams


If you have built castles in the sky
Let not your dreams go to waste;
Just build the foundations under them.

― Henry David Thoreau

Stop regretting the things you have not done and start dreaming – however absurd or simple the dream may be. Regrets for Dreams organizes activities and events to fulfill two broad objectives: first, to spur the community to trade in their regrets for dreams, and second, to fulfill the dreams of our community. This ranges from large events such as organizing a mass picnic at the UTown Green, to simple dreams such as starting a book club for fellow bookworms.

As a foundation for one of the castles we have been building, we organized our first activity since our inception: an amateur arts fest, Dreams & Desires. It was held in February in collaboration with USC’s Cultural Week, and showcased non-professional artworks to not only inspire people to continue pursuing their hobbies, regardless of their proficiency, but also to fulfill the dream of many amateur artists of exhibiting their work. We received many submissions of artworks, including Chinese calligraphies, acrylic-on-canvas paintings, photographs, poetry and even digital sketches! Budding artists are still welcome to take part in this exhibition.

Another castle that will soon be coming your way is an interactive wall art called “Before I Graduate”. The incomplete sentence “Before I graduate, I want to __________” of the wall art aims to invite passers-by to pause and reflect about their life and share their aspirations with the rest of the community. In doing so, the art piece seeks remind one to live in the present and through the act of sharing our dreams create a tangible yet abstract connection between strangers and friends alike in the community.

Regrets for Dreams is a small group with a flat structure: anyone, including non-members, can suggest activities and eventually helm these projects. The upside of being activities-based is that we can afford to do away with rules and restrictions, the only caveat being that the activities have to fulfill at least one of our group’s objectives.

While we may not be the most concrete of interest groups in USP, we hope to be seen in the community as a movement to inspire people to stop regretting and start building the castles of their dreams. And dissenters who think that we are just conceptual fluff: what are dreams and regrets, if not conceptual fluff, conceptual fluff that affects all of us so very dearly?

written by Teo Yu Siang

Budding artists, and anyone else who would like to submit their art pieces for Dreams & Desires may contact Yusheng at

Other day-dreamers and/or interested participants may direct their enquiries to

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