USCaroling At CDC

ChristmasCaroling2012 011

On 22nd December 2012, a group of carolers gathered at the Communicable Disease Centre (CDC) in preparation for an afternoon of Christmas Carols and joy-spreading to the patients at CDC.

Jointly organized by the Community Service Committee and the Cultural Activities Committee, USCaroling returned in 2012 with an enthusiastic group of carolers. Following a USP tradition of nine years, 2012’s session saw USP students, alumni, and even non-USP friends come together to spread the festive joy to the less fortunate.

Led by USPella’s Jian Yi, preparations lasted an hour as the carolers practiced ear-pleasing Christmas carols such as Jingle Bell Jazz and White Christmas. It was heartening to see both experienced carolers and total novices come together with a common purpose: to do a small part in bringing the Christmas joy and blessing to not only the patients, but also to the nurses in CDC. Following a short introduction to CDC by Professor Albert Teo and his volunteering experience at CDC, the carolers headed out for the wards in full force.

Following the lead of Professor Teo, the carolers donned Santa hats and visited the wards and belted out strings of Christmas carols. The patients mostly greeted our presence with warm smiles and sincere thanks. Though not entirely vocal, it was a warming scene as patients clapped to the beats while some nurses joined in, humming to the familiar Christmas tunes. It was not only an eye-opening experience for first-time carolers at CDC, but also inspiring as the carolers learnt that spreading festive joy can be done through such small acts of kindness. As caroler Darrell Lian put it, “USCaroling was a great chance to bond with fellow USP students, in addition to being a wonderful means of spreading Christmas joy to AIDS patients. I was especially heartened by the patients’ cheerful and high-spirited response to our performances, and I’m glad we managed to bring much genuine warmth to them in this season.”

Along the way, Professor Teo shared his experiences in greater detail with the carolers. It is inspiring to hear of Professor Teo’s years of experience in volunteering at CDC. His commitment and zest to serve the community is definitely one that can be learned from.

Here, the organizing committees would like to extend our sincere thanks to Professor Albert Teo for his kind assistance in liaising with CDC, and for his continued support in USC’s numerous activities. We look forward to a continuation of this meaningful USP event in the years to come!

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