A Note from the Editor

Welcome to The Cinnamon Roll’s Online Edition!

A very good day to all students from USP. I am pleased to launch the online edition of our publication, The Cinnamon Roll. For those of you who purchased the magazine, you will notice the same articles appear here. This will allow the articles to reach a wider audience, albeit at a delay – our print customers will always receive the latest articles first.

However, we will not be launching our second issue within the next month. Instead, we will be releasing a regular stream of articles from our very own writers, who come from among your friends. We hope you will continue to enjoy the articles that your friends write. Press the subscribe button at the bottom of the site or follow our Facebook page to receive notifications when the latest articles are released.

I hope you continue to enjoy the Cinnamon Roll, and do drop us an email if you want to join us as a writer or in another role.

Yours truly,

Benjamin Ho

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