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IVLE Features You Never Knew About

By Mohit Kanwal

So the semester is upon us and it’s time again for another 13 weeks of packed lectures, tutorials and assignments, not to mention the absolutely crazy experiences of group projects. During the semester, one of the websites that we begin to patronise heavily is none other than IVLE. However, most of us fail to utilize the full potential of IVLE. I will be showing you a list of some of the most useful features that IVLE has to offer.

RSS Subscription

Do you frequently have the feeling that the Professor released some important materials without your realisation? Well fret not; IVLE supports RSS (Really Simple Syndication) a push-based notification system which informs a client if anything new has happened. All modules have this facility; it only takes a click to enable it.

The subscriptions window can be found at the Profile menu at the top left-hand corner of the IVLE home page. To subscribe, simply click ‘yes’ in the module information slot. From then on, you will be updated about the announcements happening in real-time. An email will be sent (in some cases SMS as well) to your NUS email if something new occurs. Similar options are available for forums and workbins.


File Storage

Excited by the recent Space Race organized by Dropbox in which NUS won the top spot? Well you are in luck, as Dropbox recently upgraded all users having a NUS email address to 25 GB extra space for 2 years. But just 2 years only – that sucks! However, did you know that IVLE had the ability to store your files until the end of your degree? IVLE media storage allows you to do exactly that.

The IVLE media storage can be found under the Resource Bank menu option in the top left hand corner of the IVLE home page. You can easily create folders and add numerous files, especially media files that may contain webcasts, lecture notes or other data. These are kept until one graduates from NUS. So if you feel that you are running out of disk space or Dropbox space, you can store your files in these folders. What’s more, you can easily share these among your peers and access them from anywhere. So start creating folders, start sharing and you can forget the thumb drive that keeps getting lost every time you go use a computer lab.


IVLE Communities

While Facebook Groups and Twitter have come to rule the world of social conversations, IVLE also provides a comprehensive discussion platform that may be even better than Facebook’s. I bet you have never checked it out. IVLE Communities fills a social void left by the modules and forums. It is a place to share common interests and make friends with students interested in exchanging ideas and files.

IVLE Communities is a collaborative communication and document exchange system within IVLE that allows you to exchange, discuss and share ideas and documents with friends, colleagues and students who have a similar interests on the topic in the community.

To access IVLE Communities, mouseover Communities on the horizontal navigation bar from the Workspace, then click IVLE Communities.


Inside a community are its own forums and workbins as well as announcement features to keep a community informed. Below is a screen grab of what some of the communities look like. Communities are definitely a viable way to exchange of project-related notes and keep documents, project reports and other materials together.



If you want to try out these 3 great features, I have provided the links in IVLE for you to explore and check out. Hope you find these tools useful!

What are your other favourite ways of using IVLE? Share in the comments!

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