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Between: five moments in the RC by Chua Xin Rong

Creative Showcase is a platform for all USP students to showcase their creative work: poetry, short stories, comics, paintings, photography – you name it, we want it! Send your pieces to at any time. Your piece has a high chance of being published, and may even be used as cover art for an upcoming issue!

This month, we received a poem from Chua Xin Rong, Mathematics + USP, Year 3, about the the life many of us have become used to as we work, live, and sleep in Cinnamon College. Enjoy!

Between: five moments in the RC

when the cool air stings
the bleary eyes of those staggering down the corridor, toothbrush in hand,
does it know if this is their pre-dawn, or post-night?

perhaps it’s tic-tac-toe we’re playing
as people fumble for access cards, jab at the buttons
and the door opens, opens, opens, at every floor before mine

three constants: the sun will rise from the east,
there will be dory at the Chinese stall,
and the auntie at the Western stall will measure out vegetables by the strand

perhaps the greatest defeat
is someone hanging clothes on the drying rack,
the weight of a full laundry basket cutting through your fingers.

when it is night, if fatigue has shut the eyes just enough,
does it make sense that the blaze from the Jurong Island chimney
resembles the rescue flare of Gondor?

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